Investment Consideration

Products, services and solutions of all UET business divisions are part of our customers’ core business processes.

  • SYSTEMS with albis-elcon supply telecommunication systems that are the base for national and international communication networks.
  • ENGINEERING with Albis Engineering realizes first-class engineering solutions for electronic devices, technical software and distributed systems.
  • SERVICE with Suconi provides installation and operational services 24/7, 365 days a year including helpdesk and network surveillance.
  • CARBON CAPTURING & BIO-ENERGY operates the largest natural CO2 storage facility with a natural and sustainable plantation operation. The bound CO2 is used for our own operations and for customers to compensate for unavoidable emissions.

Reliability, sustainability, high quality and professionalism as well as trust are important to establish and maintain business relationships with customers for these services.

A business relationship cannot be created overnight. It took our team more than 40 years to develop relationships in more than 40 countries – Germany, Switzerland, Austria – Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America.

The world is changing and speeding up. To fulfil today’s requirements will not be sufficient in the future. With the digitalization covering all business areas and all business processes, major changes will happen – the transformation is progress.

The UET Group is actively working with its customers on that transformation.

We provide hardware and software including network management that enables our customers to step towards Software Defined Networks and the virtualization of network functionalities in all parts of their network. With this expertise we will be able to offer network behaviour prediction in the future.

Industry 4.0 will provide full integration with customers in all aspects of the supply chain and service process – fully automated and fully controlled.

The UET Group has the idea, the plan and the key asset of customers around the globe to develop the future – a pole position for the business development.

Investors have the unique chance to benefit from that development. It will be a process lasting for several years – that is how long it takes to shape the future.

Share Price

Corporate Governance

We consider a responsible and transparent company management as one of the most important aspects of our corporate culture. This holds true for all areas throughout the entire group. Management and Supervisory Board report together on the implementation of and compliance with the rules of corporate governance at UET.

The management is the executive body of UET United Electronic Technology AG. The Supervisory Board advises and supervises the management with respect to the company’s management according to its rights and obligations framed by the articles of incorporation. The Supervisory Board is involved in all decisions of fundamental importance to the group. The management informs the Supervisory Board regularly, comprehensively and in good time about all developments and events of relevance to the business development and the corporate situation of the UET Group. Over the past fiscal year, management and Supervisory Board continued their close and trusting collaboration, which is based on the procedural rules of the two bodies. The Supervisory Board consists of three members.

With its capital market communication, UET aims at providing the greatest possible transparency about the company and its performance. Our stockholders are informed regularly on the latest company developments with regard to financial situation and strategic orientation. Dates of importance to the stockholders are listed annually and announced in the shape of a financial calendar. All quarterly and annual reports as well as information on the Annual General Meeting are published on the company’s website and communicated through other channels of distribution. The amount of information offered on our website is permanently expanded in order to inform our stockholders even more comprehensively.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the most important platform to exercise our stockholders’ formal rights. The stockholders receive our annual report and the AGM agenda ahead of the event. Stockholders who cannot attend the AGM in person have the opportunity to entrust their voting rights to proxies nominated by UET. All documents relating to the Annual General Meeting, upcoming and past, as well as other information on the participation in the AGM and the exercise of voting rights are available on our website and can also be requested in hardcopy from the company.

Articles of Association

The UET United Electronic Technology AG is a registered company under German law with headquarters in Eschborn, Germany. Therefore, the Articles of Association as of 23.02.2016 are provided in German language only.

Satzung der UET United Electronic Technology AG vom 23.04.2021

Financial Reports

Financial Reports UET Group

Financial Reports UET AG

Financial Calendar

31/10/24     Half-year Report 2024
Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2024, Eschborn
30/06/24     Results 2023, Annual Report 2023
29/02/24     Planned Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Eschborn
Investor Online Conference
Half-year Report 2023
30/06/23     Results 2022, Annual Report 2022
31/10/22     Half-year Report 2022
30/06/22     Results 2021, Annual Report 2021
30/06/21     Results 2020, Annual Report 2020
30/09/20     Half-year Report 2020
28/08/20     Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2020, Eschborn
30/06/20     Results 2019, Annual Report 2019
30/09/19     Half-year Report 2019
22/08/19     Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2019, Eschborn
    Results 2018, Annual Report 2018
30/09/18     Half-year Report 2018
22/08/18     Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2018, Eschborn
29/06/18     Results 2017, Annual Report 2017
15/02/18     Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2018, Eschborn 
29/09/17     Half-year Report 2017
30/06/17     Results 2016, Annual Report 2016
15/09/16     Half-year Report 2016
22/06/16     Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2016, Eschborn
13/05/16     Results 2015, Annual Report 2015
17/09/15     Half-year Report 2015
18/06/15     Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2015, Eschborn
06/05/15     Results 2014, Annual Report 2014
30/09/14     Half-year Report 2014
28/05/14     Annual Meeting 2014, Eschborn
17/04/14     Results 2013, Annual Report 2013
20/12/13     Annual Report 2012
30/09/13     Half-year Report 2013
02/08/13     Results 2012, Information Report 2012
24/08/12     Half-year Report 2012
20/04/12     Results 2011
16/09/11     Half-year Report 2011
19/08/11     Half-year Accounts 06/30/2011
20/05/11     Annual Meeting 2011, Dortmund
25/03/11     Results 2010, Annual Report
17/08/10     Half-year Report 2010
21/05/10     Annual Meeting 2010, Dortmund
04/05/10     Entry & General Standard Conference, Frankfurt am Main
26/03/10     Results 2009, Annual Report

Annual General Meeting

Ordinary General Meeting 2020

28/08/20     Vote of the Ordinary Annual Meeting as of 28/08/20 – German

28/08/20     Invitation including agenda of the Ordinary General Meeting as of 28/08/20 – German


The text below shall not be understood as the official minutes of the Shareholders´ Annual General Meeting of the UET United Electronic Technology AG, but represents an informal summary by the Management Board. It addresses all those shareholders who could not participate at the event that was held as in-person meeting. Errors and modifications are reserved.


Dear Shareholders,

We would like to thank all our shareholders who participated at our Ordinary General Meeting 2020 in Eschborn.

For those who could not attend the event, we have prepared a summary of the most important points, whereby we confine our report to the topics „Situation and Status 2020“ and the general debate.

  • During the intense period of the lockdown measures the UET Group companies continued their operating business. There were no delivery failures, and supply chains remained intact.
  • However, the UET-Group was also hit by the COVID-19 effects on the course of business: Many customers – primarily telecommunications operators – were forced to temporarily reduce installation rates. In a number of markets, the installation numbers have not yet reached the level of 2019.
  • Business development in the first half of 2020 was roughly at the same level as the previous year
  • Growth is no longer planned for 2020. Instead, there is a risk of a decline in sales. An exact prognosis cannot be given at the moment.
  • In Mexico we currently record growing sales: primarily thanks to the conversion of the installation work. These works are now controlled directly by the company and their own team, which has been increased by 15 employees to a total workforce of 20.
  • Due to higher bandwidth demands as a result of more home office work and video streaming services, the development of mobile networks with 5G technology and the delivery challenges of Chinese competitors, we assess the long-term development and conditions as challenging but positive.

In the general debate, we received suggestions for improving the comprehensibility of the reports and the intensity of market communication. We will take up these suggestions and in any case follow up.

We thank you for your interest.

Stay healthy!


Werner Neubauer, Management Board.

Ordinary Annual Meeting 2008

16/06/08     Invitation including agenda as of 16/06/08 – German

16/06/08     Presentation of the Ordinary Annual Meeting as of 16/06/08 – German

16/06/08     Vote of the Ordinary Annual Meeting as of 16/06/08 – German