Accept and understand what exists and imagine and realise what will come. The future has not been written – we have the freedom to work on it and create what is needed. Create innovations, utilise opportunities, generate a positive contribution with your, with our contribution.

The objective of our organisation is to develop the capacity and flexibility to cope with every challenge which might occur, and to take on every opportunity that we develop. Paired with our expertise and know-how, this will make the UET Group a forerunner in the industry and solid in business environment. We take calculable risks and are always looking for new, maybe ground-breaking developments, exploring new technologies, new industry business sectors, new areas of innovation. It is an exciting journey for us, for our customers, for our partners, for you.

We know that our systems, services and solutions can only be as creative as the marketing defining them, as innovative as the Research & Development team designing them, as accepted by customers as the sales team explaining them and as responsive to customers’ exact needs as the support team maintaining and operating them.
UET is always looking for talents and experts, but especially for people who can think the unthinkable, who are eager to achieve results and who have the dedication and perseverance to complete implementations.

Your reward for working at UET is a bright future. We see our employees and the whole team as our strongest asset. In addition to offering a competitive salary and benefits package, we provide professional training and development opportunities as well as a fast-track management program for young leaders.

Job Opportunities

Start your future full of innovation, chances and opportunities for development and apply to the UET Group.

Current vacancies from all companies of the UET Group:


Eschborn, Hartmannsdorf, Zurich, Dresden, London, Mexico City, Paris, Vienna, Turin, Sao Paulo

Albis Engineering


Kornwestheim, throughout Germany

UET Academy

Never stop learning! … experience, education and training can greatly enhance development, paving the way for new challenges. The UET Academy dedicates its efforts to education and training and is an internal organizational unit providing a variety of programs, classes and workshops targeting three different audiences – User Line, Expert Line and Leadership Line.

Within the User Line the training is focused on familiarising our team with the existing systems, tools and processes as well as working methods. This includes product and technology know how as well as IT and office systems.

The Expert Line programs and classes will provide special and very advanced education to increase the individual skills and knowledge in the areas of research and development, marketing, sales, manufacturing and supply, finance, project management as well as new technologies and trends in all business areas. As an expert you make the difference! Your know-how and your expertise, maybe even your area of research is specific and unique. You contribute, you innovate in finding new options, new solutions or new methods to enhance products, processes or services. At UET, you’ll be presented with a range of professional development opportunities. Irrespective of whether you want to become an expert in a specific field or build proficiencies across many areas, we have the resources to help you achieve that goal.

The Leadership Line offers multi-year development programs as well as individual or even customised training and coaching classes. Leadership means working with people, guiding people, empowering people to perform, to stimulate and support their potential to achieve results. Holding a leadership role at UET is equally important as being an expert, but it is also different.

Leading people – whether in project teams or as an organizational unit – is a profession that needs talent but also knowledge and permanent education –The UET Academy’s management and leadership education program will provide you with the tools and training needed. You will lead project teams, organizational units, business units, business areas or finally even the company.

All services provided by the UET Academy will be performed by either own staff or external coaches – they are all experts!


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