Business Areas

Research for wireline and wireless communication technologies paired with applied development represent the core for advanced hard- and software used in UET’s communication and video systems.

Together with its industrialisation and manufacturing expertise UET provides to its customers all over the world products, manufacturing and network services generated in Germany and Switzerland worldwide.

In today’s dynamic and ever changing world UET dedicates its efforts to the following key areas:

  • Services for development and manufacturing including system design, material management, testing and logistics for industrial customers in Central Europe, primarily in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
  • Network Services including planning, installation, operation and maintenance for private and public IT and telecommunication networks in Germany.
  • Products and Systems for network-independent or networkless internet-based television (IPTV) and for the migration from existing legacy technology towards internet protocol (IP) based networks for voice, video and data for the world market. All systems include network and remote management, broadband capabilities and enhanced and advanced security functionalities.
  • Technologically innovative and nature-based products for the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sustainable energy sources from biomass. This is a significant step towards climate protection and sustainable energy production.

UET brings a multitude of benefits to customers through its global Design-to-Cost approach, reliability, customer focus including specific adaptations and enhancements.

UET United Electronic Technology Group is a listed global company based in Eschborn, Germany.





The UET Group operates in its core business area SYSTEMS under the brand albis-elcon.

albis-elcon provides products, solutions, and services tailored to empower companies, particularly communications service providers, in establishing and operating high-performance networks while reducing energy footprints.

Leading in offering software-defined and virtualization-enabled devices, we enable gigabit networks crucial for cloud computing, corporate connectivity, and private 5G networks. Our cutting-edge uSphir Operating System is specially designed for disaggregated networks, integrating Hardware, Software, and Applications from multiple vendors to ensure carrier-grade network performance.

With sophisticated hardware, software, and comprehensive network management and implementation services, we manage complexity effectively, ensuring networks are not only sustainable but also secure and reliable.

albis-elcon employs over 250 professionals in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Brazil and Mexico.

Product overview

  • Full Solution Provider for private, secure and powerful private 5G Networks
  • Power feeding systems for xDSL and cellular networks (3G and 4G) for up to 1,000 watts
  • Network termination and access equipment for fiber and copper (SDSL/VDSL) infrastructure with up to 10 Gbit/s data throughput
  • Migration systems for voice (Voice over IP for ISDN) and data services (All-IP migration)
  • Network optimisation systems for power distribution, power consumption, range extension and network migration
  • Machine-to-machine communication systems for telecommunications, energy suppliers and private households (Internet of Things / IoT)
  • Network management software and network management solutions


Systems from albis-elcon ensure the operation of networks and services in more than 40 countries every day. Over 50 leading international communication network providers, among them Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefónica and Telekom Austria have deployed more than 15,000,000 network devices until today.


The shift of the business area SYSTEMS towards an international orientation shows its first promising results. albis-elcon successfully managed to gain ground on new markets, e. g. in Latin America. Further expansion on international markets is expected. Significant synergy effects within the business area SYSTEMS tap further efficiency and effectiveness potential, which pays off in additional growth.

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The UET Group is committed to sustainability and is expanding its portfolio with a majority stake in APSD Ltd in Ghana. We focus on sustainable reforestation, CO2 storage and the production of biological energy sources on 49,000 hectares of land. Our unique approach involves creating a global leader in carbon offsetting at an industrial scale. We use modern agricultural, social and infrastructural systems for an efficient carbon capture and reduction cycle – with a clear focus on transparency and the highest quality standards.

Private 5G for the digitization of sustainable agriculture and forestry

The UET Group is setting new standards in the digitalization of agriculture. With our many years of experience in the development and construction of telecommunications networks, we plan to build the world’s largest private 5G network on our plantations. This network not only ensures reliable connectivity and communication, but also increases the efficiency and productivity of all agricultural process steps. The combination of infrastructure, networking of sensors, integration of drones and artificial intelligence sets new standards.

We combine sustainability and cutting-edge technology to shape and promote a healthy future and economic development in Ghana and worldwide. Findings and experiences flow into the further development of our products and solutions.

Our goal: CO2 neutrality and sustainable energy production. The UET Group combines technology and sustainability for a green future – with strong growth potential.








The business area SERVICE offers a wide range of consulting and support services for network operators, service providers, system houses and manufacturers, all provided by Suconi service GmbH.

The flexible and customer-oriented approach to challenging services guarantees top customer satisfaction with performed planning, installation, rollout, management and fault clearance services.

The business area SERVICE targets at customers in Central Europe, primarily in Germany, working across various network access systems and operating a 24-7 technical inbound call centre.

Service overview

  • High-level support and consulting for network & infrastructure of carrier networks, enterprises and home, including laboratory research and training
  • 24-7 service desk & support desk, network monitoring, installations, fault clearance, IT hardware service and repair
  • On-site infrastructure services: assembling, rebuilding, extension of the sites; uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery services, copper and fibre cabling


The services offered by Suconi perfectly complement the business area SYSTEMS and its products. In the future both business areas will collaborate closely to create a seamless customer experience.

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Connecting systems to connect people is essential in today’s networking and communication society. Albis Engineering has the expertise and experience to develop and built modules, components and systems to connect everything and everyone. Hardware, Software, embedded or distributed systems our experts define, plan and realise efficient solutions right to the point – for industrial, infrastructure, telecommunication and medical applications.

If there is only an idea or already a detailed specification available our engineering team will make it work.

Service overview

  • Support for innovation topics in collaboration with universities
  • Simulations and studies for antennas and RF systems
  • Creation and review of concepts in the field of core competencies of high-frequency technology and embedded cryptography
  • Development of complex embedded systems
  • Development of security solutions
  • Organization of production and maintenance


Because of the close cooperation between the business units ENGINEERING and SYSTEMS, the customer should be able to benefit from the know-how of the whole group.
The assumption of production responsibility, development risk and product maintenance should enable even better customer support.

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Climate Target and Environmental Sustainability

Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering differently. Effects that put the existence of species and the plant at risk. Acting on climate change is not only important, it is a must.

In 2015, 196 parties adopted The Paris Agreement (, aligning on trying to limit global warming to 1.5°C . In 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a special report on the impact of global warming of 1.5°C ( above pre-industrial levels, showing the need to keep the warming to a maximum of 1.5°C. To achieve this goal, global greenhouse gas emissions need to halve every decade, reaching net-zero by 2050.

At UET Group, we help companies to build and run better broadband networks and reduce the energy needed. We are committed to doing our part to step up to the urgent challenge of climate change, ensure a just transition to a low carbon economy and provide a healthy future for all.

For this, UET Group stepped up their commitments and set their own 1.5°C aligned climate targets. In 2020, UET Group set the target to operate carbon-neutral by 2030. This includes the operational activities and the supply chain. UET Group also has a target to realise and achieve a 25% energy saving for our Gigabit Connection Systems by 2023 compared with the systems in 2014.

We always want to do more and become better related to targets and achievements to protect our environment, our planet. We believe that it is not enough to become climate neutral in the already defined areas of Scope 1 (own operations), Scope 2 (purchased services) and Scope 3 (supply chain including suppliers and customers).

We have a responsibility to people and society. We have extended the goal of being climate neutral and include our team – everyone who works for us as an employee.

What does this mean? How will we work to achieve this ambitious goal? In addition to the ongoing initiative we will conduct and implement projects to analyze the emissions generated by our team. Next, we identify and implement options and projects to reduce impact and emissions. Finally we will engage in projects to capture carbon (CO2) to compensate and offset emissions – as a company for our team.

“It is not an option! We consider this target and effort expansion as a mandatory requirement and responsibility when taking environmental protection and climate neutral targets serious.”  Werner Neubauer, Chief Executive Officer


Members of the Executive Leadership Team

Werner Neubauer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Werner Neubauer has more than 20 years of management experience in leading world-class technology companies. Prior to being appointed CEO at UET, Neubauer worked at present albis-elcon system Germany GmbH as managing director. During that time, he enabled the company to realise significant profitable growth. Throughout his career, Neubauer held numerous executive leadership positions at companies within the telecommunication industry, including international assignments in Scandinavia and the United States for Ericsson. He has a strong background in sales and product management.

Neubauer has an Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree and studied Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Markus Königshofer

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Markus Königshofer has more than 40 years of experience in technology and leadership positions. Throughout his career, Königshofer held several executive leadership positions in the electronics and communications technology industry, including managing director of Flextronics International and Vice President of production and logistics at Ericsson Austria.

After joining the present albis-elcon system Germany GmbH in 2005, he developed the company into the strongest and most important business unit of the UET Group. Together with Werner Neubauer he led the realignment of the UET towards an electronics and technology group. He has been part of the UET management team since 2008 and serves as COO of the UET Group since 2012.

Markus Königshofer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Higher Technical Institute at the HTL Kapfenberg.

Sebastian Schubert

Head of Investor Relations

After receiving a Business Administration degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau, Sebastian Schubert served as business manager for the Deutsche Bank Group in Luxembourg for several years.

In 2013, Schubert joined the present albis-elcon system Germany GmbH and has been responsible for the Controlling department of the UET Group since then.

Sebastian Schubert has been leading the Investor Relations department at UET since 2014.

Members of the Supervisory Board

Stefan Hagemann has more than 25 years of international experience in management consulting (The Boston Consulting Group in Munich), private equity (Alchemy Partners in Frankfurt / London), Venture Capital (TTM Investor in Bonn / Munich), and hedge fund management (Euvestor AG in Munich).

His business focus and expertise includes business development, M&A, finance and IPOs in many different industries.

Stefan Hagemann holds various positions on executive and supervisory boards—such as CFO in the Nanosaar AG Group.

Oliver Brichard is managing partner of Brichard Immobilien GmbH in Vienna with a focus on property management, real estate development and valuation.

From 2006 to 2015 he served as the chairman of the group of Viennese real estate trustees in the Vienna Economic Chamber. Today, Oliver Brichard is a member of the Vienna Section of Real Estate and Asset Trustees, as well as a lecturer at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences and a certified court expert in real estate affairs.

Norbert Zeller is an entrepreneur, board member, business angel and coach. He helps executives build and develop healthy strategies, viable organizations and systems. His passion is to make organizations and companies more successful by using agile methods. Norbert Zeller is involved with Startangels, SwissVR, SwissICT, ASUT and SMG.

Company History

  • 300 employees in 10 countries
  • 50 markets
  • 15 million systems installed worldwide

Through the sale and spin-off of the business area MANUFACTURING, the company NewTal Elektronik und Systeme GmbH was deconsolidated.


  • ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH becomes albis-elcon system Germany GmbH.
  • Sale of the main business of Letron Electronics.
  • Establishment of the Albis Engineering AG as a result of the spin-off of the Albis Technologies.

SYSTEMS expands to the South American market.


  • Acquisition of Albis Technologies AG: Albis Technologies complements the expertise and products of SYSTEMS in multimedia, access solutions and engineering services. The market reach is broadened throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa.
  • The merger of Albis Technologies AG and ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH creates the core brand of the UET Group – albis-elcon.
  • UET expands manufacturing location and concentrates group production in Germany.

  • Renaming into UET United Electronic Technology AG.
  • Relocation from Dortmund to Eschborn.
  • UET focuses on Electronics and Technology.
  • Established Business Areas: SYSTEMS, MANUFACTURING and SERVICE.

  • Acquisition of NewTal Elektronik und Systeme GmbH
  • Together with Letron, NewTal will form Business Area MANUFACTURING in the future.

  • Conversion into CFC Industriebeteiligungen AG
  • SUCONI Service GmbH is acquired. SUCONI is a spin-off for support and consulting.

CFC divests Format Küchen, Delmod and Rosner.


Acquisition of Rosner.


  • CFC performs first investment in Electronic Business.
  • Acquisition of ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH, Hartmannsdorf, Germany: ELCON is a manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication components for broadband networks. ELCON is the first investment of the Business Areas SYSTEMS formed in 2012.
  • Acquisition of Letron electronic GmbH: Letron is the first investment of the Business Areas MANUFACTURING, formed in 2012.
  • Acquisition of Format Küchen and Delmod.

  • Initial public offering of the CFC at Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • Investment and acquisition of cookware manufacturer Berndes, based in Arnsberg.

  • Incorporation of CFC Industriebeteiligungen GmbH & Co. KGaA.
  • The company specializes in the investment and restructuring of medium-sized companies.