We are moving our targets and efforts related to sustainability and environmental protection one step further. As a Group, we will be climate neutral by 2030. It is now supplemented by climate neutrality for all our employees at all locations.

The UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) from November 6 to 18, 2022 will review already existing targets and agreements and aims to reduce global warming. The focus will be on evaluating the Paris climate agreement with the main goals of limiting the rise in temperature and becoming climate neutral. As a company, we are already contributing to this and will increase our activities in the future to achieve the targets and become sustainable.

As a group, we have set ourselves the clear goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030. We are therefore working continuously and consistently to reduce emissions and our environmental impact.
The UN Climate Conference COP27 is the right moment to announce that we expand our targets and program on our “Roadmap to become climate neutral’” and also launch new projects. As UET-Group we have a special responsibility to our customers, partners and employees.

“We believe that it is not enough to become climate neutral in the already defined areas of Scope 1 (own operations), Scope 2 (purchased services) and Scope 3 (supply chain including suppliers and customers). As part of the telecommunications industry, we have a responsibility to people and society. That’s why we are extending the goal of becoming climate neutral and include our team – everyone who works for us as an employee,” says Werner Neubauer. ” We are ensuring carbon neutrality for everyone who works in our team.” We consider this as a responsibility as employer and benefit for our team.

What does this mean? How will we work to achieve this ambitious goal? In addition to the ongoing initiative we will conduct and implement projects to analyze the emissions generated by our team. Next, we will identify and implement options and projects to reduce impact and emissions. Finally we will engage in projects to capture carbon (CO2) to compensate and offset emission.
“We don’t see these target and project expansion as an option. We see it as a mandatory requirement and responsibility when taking environmental protection and climate neutral targets serious.”, says Werner Neubauer.

In order to familiarize all employees with the sustainability projects, we will start information and training events for everyone in the coming weeks and will also provide more details about our projects.

We will become a sustainability aware company – of excellence!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone joining on this sustainable journey together.
We discuss, develop – but above all we act!