Eschborn, December 13, 2022 Network equipment supplier is conducting research with TU Dresden on quantum technologies for securing communications and boosting performance in industrial networks for telecommunications (6G-Quas). The work on cutting-edge technology is a major contribution to securing technological sovereignty in Germany and Europe. The research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


UET United Electronic Technology AG (ISIN: DE000A0LBKW6), with its subsidiary albis-elcon, is starting a research project together with the Technical University (TU) Dresden on the application of quantum technology in the form of quantum communication for secure data transfer. The goal of the ”6G-Quantum Security (6G-QuaS)” project is to demonstrate applications for even more secure communication and performance enhancement in industrial networks and to enable the combination of quantum technologies with the existing telecommunications infrastructure. This will demonstrate the advantages of a quantum network with new encryption protocols over previous system designs.

The project makes a significant contribution to Germany becoming a world leader in quantum technology over the next ten years. We are thus contributing to the development of quantum communication infrastructures and thus also to the digital and technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe,” says Werner Neubauer, CEO of the UET Group.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the “Innovation Hub for Quantum Communication” initiative. The project is scheduled to run until 2025. “For us, this research project in cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden is a logical step and investment in our long-term orientation as a system supplier for communication networks with the key elements of sustainability, energy efficiency and network security, and therefore fits perfectly with our strategy and our technological lead,” adds Neubauer.

Once the project has been successfully completed, a demonstrator will show the advantages of a quantum network with new encryption protocols over previous system designs, demonstrate patent opportunities and promote the standardization of such networks.

With increasing digitization and the associated rise in the exchange of personal data, the demands on the security and performance of communication networks are rising. The growing power of computers and the criminal and political activities in cyberspace require new technologies for higher data security at high data rates and low delay times.

Existing encryption methods could be decrypted very quickly and easily in the future. The new approach is applying so-called quantum states in a quantum communication network. Encryption keys are encoded using quantum states of light and exchanged among each other. In contrast to the digital world, the property of quantum superposition enables further combinations than just “zero – 0” and “one – 1”. This will enable communication devices in the future to simultaneously achieve unprecedented security, latency (delay times) and data throughput.

The “6G-Quantum Security (6G-QuaS)” project aims to develop a hybrid quantum-conventional wired industrial network. Quantum information is to be stored continuously in the phase and amplitude of light, rather than discretely in its polarization as is common in current research. This is expected to lead to significantly lower latency and higher security against attacks without compromising the resilience (resistance) and throughput of the network.

UET United Electronic Technology AG is an international technology supplier and network equipment provider headquartered in Eschborn near Frankfurt, Germany. The UET Group and its companies enable the deployment and operation of high-performance gigabit networks with the key elements of energy efficiency, sustainability and network security. Systems and services are used by customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia, A1 Telekom Austria and América Móvil. The UET Group is the only international system supplier for critical communications infrastructure with European research, development, production and supply chain and headquarters in Germany. The UET Group has been listed on the German Stock Exchange since 2006, with 250 employees in eight countries generating revenues of approximately 50 million euros.



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