The UET Group announces for the SYSTEMS business area under the brand albis-elcon the opening of new offices in Mexico in the cities of Hermosillo, Merida and Monterrey and doubles workforce in Mexico.

Services and local support are becoming more important for customers when upgrading operations or deploying fixed and mobile networks. To address those requirements, albis-elcon is now expanding its operation and business in the Mexican market. The direct workforce will be more than doubled with immediate effect. In addition to the existing site in Mexico City, albis-elcon is opening local offices in Monterey, Merida and Hermosillo – primarily for sales, project management and installation services.

Over the last three years the business in Mexico has grown by almost 100% per year. Further growth is expected based on the planned Gigabit optical network rollout and increasingly important 5G Mobile Network infrastructure.

Today, albis-elcon provides products for fixed and mobile applications for copper and Gigabit Fiber Networks.


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