The Sars-CoV-2 virus is spreading and effecting people and business processes all over the world.

We at UET Group are providing Hardware, Software and Services to Communication Service Providers around the globe to make fast and reliable communication and data transmission work – for Fixed Gigabit networks and mobile service.

In this special crisis with all challenges we consider it as our duty and responsibility to continue with supply and service  for our customers and the society.

We have developed a sophisticated operational plan that secures operation today and should secure supply and service through the period of almost full public shutdown. Our team is extra motivated and goes beyond limits to do everything it takes to keep going. At the moment we have no plans to stop or hold operations although many of us work already from remote.

In 2012 we have decided to continue with our own manufacturing and supply facility in Germany and we have been working with European supply partners since then. Today we have already started to plan for the future, we manage daily impacts active flexible and directly on-site to enable solutions.

The continuous supply can best be guaranteed by long term planning with frequent coordination and demand planning. Supply options for new orders are still available for the following quarters in 2020 and our team will do whatever possible to secure the business contingency.


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