UET United Electronic Technology AG (ISIN: DE000A0LBKW6), Eschborn, announces that its wholly owned subsidiary albis-elcon, a leading supplier of Gigabit Switching and Routing Systems for Optical and Mobile Telecommunication Networks has entered into a strategic alliance with the Dresden, Germany-based company CampusGenius. CampusGenius is the technology leader for core systems and the implementation of 5G campus cellular networks.

Both companies will work together on the development of technologies, systems and solutions for the installation and operation of combined 5G / WiFi campus networks for enterprises.

In addition to the pure infrastructure, albis-elcon offers customers a tailor-made integration of existing devices and systems into the 5G campus solution and thus becomes a full solution provider for 5G campus networks. This integration enables networking and homogeneous as well as fully digitized applications with an integrated network system and application management with the existing network management systems from albis-elcon.

With the technology from CampusGenius it is now possible for customers to expand and operate an integrated, independent, secure, cost-, function-optimized and operator-independent 5G mobile network. The entire 5G environment can be operated at the customer’s location i.e. “on-premise” or as a cloud system.

The strategic partnership between albis-elcon and CampusGenius was preceded by extensive joint application work along customer projects. Customers will be able to take advantage of the latest research, system integration and application development.

Together, albis-elcon and CampusGenius will work on the integration of both, mobile 5G and WiFi 6 technologies in order to implement seamless transitions between both technologies, positioning in the cm range, optimal and redundant radio coverage and thus fulfill the highest requirements for the quality of communication networks.

“The establishment, operation and integration of 5G campus networks, one of the fastest growing market segments in the future, requires a new network and solution-oriented approach. The innovative core technology from CampusGenius is unique and will offer our customers significant added value in the overall solution.” emphasizes Werner Neubauer, CEO of albis-elcon.

“As a young company in the high-tech sector, establishing strategic partnerships and cooperating with established companies is essential. Only in this way can we satisfactorily meet the performance requirements of our customers as a “full service”. CampusGenius, technology leader for the integration of core systems and 5G campus networks is therefore delighted to announce the strategic partnership with albis-elcon.” explains Thomas Höschele, Managing Director of CampusGenius

“The politically desired and required cooperation between established companies and newly founded companies becomes reality here. This partnership of an established provider of WiFi network technology and a young and innovative company (CG) in the 5G sector has high synergy potential and increases the added value for the customers of both companies enormously. An outstanding system infrastructure is substantial for the establishment and operation of 5G campus networks. The highly innovative hardware from albis-elcon brings edge computing in 5G campus networks to a previously unattainable level.” adds Thomas Höschele.

With albis-elcon as a partner, CampusGenius will now offer its customers individually adapted campus solutions with both 5G cellular technology and WiFi 6 technology as well as system infrastructure. The systems come from a single source and are “Made in Germany”. On the other hand, the partnership between albis-elcon and CampusGenius accelerates market development.

At the existing development and production site of albis-elcon in Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, both companies will build an own combined 5G / WiFi 6 campus network with integration of the existing infrastructure.

The campus network is used for research and development of customer solutions. For this purpose, albis-elcon will apply for a license provided by the German Federal Network Agency.



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