• Andreas Lange has resigned his office as Supervisory Board Chairman
  • Klaus von Hörde returns to the three-headed board


At CFC Industriebeteiligungen AG (ISIN: DE000A0LBKW6), Dortmund, the supervisory board is subject to change.

Mr. Andreas Lange has resigned his office as Supervisory Board Chairman for the company as of May 15, 2012 and has left the supervisory board. The register court in charge has appointed Mr. Klaus von Hörde as new member of the supervisory board for the time until elections take place on the annual general meeting. The register court has, therefore, decided at the suggestion of the company.

The supervisory board will decide on the office of the chairman in its first meeting under the new constitution.

Klaus von Hörde is very familiar with the responsibilities of the supervisory board at CFC. He held the office of the Supervisory Board Chairman already in the early years of the company until his resignation in mid 2009, for reasons of health.

He is equipped with more than 30 years of professional experience in various leading positions in well-known German and international industrial companies and is also shareholder of the CFC.

Mr. von Hörde was, among others, CEO at GE Plastics, Rüsselsheim, President at GE Deutschland, Co-CEO of GE Plastics Europe, Bergen op Zoom (NL), and General Manager for the business unit “Structured Products” at GE in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (USA). From 1990 to 1992, Mr. von Hörde acted as member of the executive board at ABB Holding Deutschland and CEO of ABB Industrie AG, Mannheim. Afterwards, he moved to Carl Schenk AG, Darmstadt, where he also acted as CEO. In 1997, he then became President and CEO of MEMC Electronic Materials Inc., St. Peter, Missouri (USA), which he restructured until 2002.



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