Investment Consideration

Products, services and solutions of all UET business divisions are part of our customers’ core business processes.

SYSTEMS with albis-elcon supply telecommunication systems that are the base for national and international communication networks.

MANUFACTURING with Letron and NewTal manufacture components, subsystems and products for the financial, medical, security, transportation and infrastructure sectors for consumer and business applications.

SERVICE with Suconi provides installation and operational services 24/7, 365 days a year including helpdesk and network surveillance.

Reliability, sustainability, high quality and professionalism as well as trust are important to establish and maintain business relationships with customers for these services.

A business relationship cannot be created overnight. It took our team more than 40 years to develop relationships in more than 40 countries – Germany, Switzerland, Austria – Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America.

The world is changing and speeding up. To fulfil today’s requirements will not be sufficient in the future. With the digitalization covering all business areas and all business processes, major changes will happen – the transformation is progress.

The UET Group is actively working with its customers on that transformation.

We provide hardware and software including network management that enables our customers to step towards Software Defined Networks and the virtualization of network functionalities in all parts of their network. With this expertise we will be able to offer network behaviour prediction in the future.

Industry 4.0 will provide full integration with customers in all aspects of the supply chain and service process – fully automated and fully controlled.

The UET Group has the idea, the plan and the key asset of customers around the globe to develop the future – a pole position for the business development.

Investors have the unique chance to benefit from that development. It will be a process lasting for several years – that is how long it takes to shape the future.

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