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UET is an international business group specialising in providing electronic products and services. UET is headquartered in Germany, and has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006.

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Who we are

The expertise of more than 400 experts creates technologies and products for telecom network optimisation and process design that lead to supply chain improvement.

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About Us

More than 150 leading international companies in more than 50 countries rely on UET’s products and services, developed and managed by our industrial experts in 15 offices in Europe and America.

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Our Strategy

The requirements for optimisation beyond conventional standards inspire our team to achieve innovative and extraordinary results. For our systems for public communication networks the main focus areas are power reduction, security enhancements and network migration paired with target costing consideration to enable maximum value at minimal costs. For our manufacturing and service business, the customer’s final product is the topmost target, which defines and drives our framework. Within those boundaries, every single step is set to be optimised.

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Investor Relations

We might not know everything about our investors and shareholders, but we want to make sure our investors know everything about UET to enable well thought analysis and right decisions – fast, transparent and clear!

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Ad-hoc information: UET United Electronic Technology sells business area MANUFACTURING to CCS Group

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There are billions of good ideas in the business world but just a few good implementations. A brilliant idea combined with an exceptional implementation is what leads to outstanding products and results. To make this become a reality, UET needs expertise from experts and leadership from managers. You want to be part of either one, welcome to UET!

More on Careers @ UET

From the very first day everyone at UET carries a significant amount of responsibility - to provide input and contribution that leads to tangible results and success. You want to learn - we provide training! You want to study - we provide time! You want to work - we provide the challenge and the working environment in a technology-driven market. We work with the best companies – as customers and business partners. UET provides enough room to explore new ideas. Innovation is not only linked to our products, it is the base for our daily work.

Find out more about why our employees love working at UET and how UET maximises the strengths of its individual employees.

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UET Academy

UET Academy

The UET Academy provides well-designed and target-oriented training, education and mentoring for all of our employees to drive career advancement and – more importantly – personal development for experts and managers.

About UET Academy

Contact Us

The best way to get to know us is to meet us. Our contact details are mentioned below.

Registered Office

UET United Electronic Technology AG

Frankfurter Straße 80-82
65760 Eschborn

Tel. +49 6196 7777 550
Fax +49 6196 7777 559
Email office@uet-group.com

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